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Settled in Bordeaux for 30 years, CETAB group (The Aquitaine Center for building technical studies) is a multidisciplinary engineering center specialized in building engineering, infrastructure and environment.

The CETAB group develops its technical skill and thanks to a team constituted of 70 co-workers and 3 subsidiaries: C-3 in environment, C-TECH for electric engineering and BEM for digital networks.
The engineers and project managers endeavor to bring their technical skills for the management of project in each field to carry out their missions such as :

  • Works owner support: AMO
  • Technic engineering
  • Setting up the roadmap for intricate settlements., Help for the monitoring and the carrying out of technical structures to ensemblier

The CETAB group moves to the fore of regional independent engineering thanks to its increasing development, and becomes a present actor on the National level with its branches in Paris and Biarritz.

Beyond multidisciplinary traditional technology skills, the engineers of CETAB own a strong experience in environmental studies; the studying of impacts, the analysis of urban integration, the energetic behavior of buildings…

For more than 10 years, CETAB owns a reputed experience on the environmental certifications of its projects (BBC, BPOS, HQE, BREEAM).

By using the most efficient IT tools in the market, CETAB offers dynamic simulations (seismic modeling, buildings energetic behavior, hydraulic simulation…) 3D digital wire models (city planning, downtown area, big grading work…) CETAB favors innovation in each of its departments and branches.

Notarized IOS 9001 since 2002,CETAB, and its branches favor exchange and communication to aim at the customer satisfaction by mastering technology, production deadlines and operation costs.

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