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Engineering infrastructures has evolved a lot these last years with environmental issues that disrupt the habits and reflexes of the engineers responsible for the design of structures and management. This department uses several very specific and different skills from each other but necessarily interconnected to the success of your operations. We are committed to developing our technology and referents experts in each field.

Expertise fields

  • Highways and Urban Development
  • Water and sanitation
  • Civil engineering


  • Urban development, Public space, Highways, Disabled access
  • Hydrology and remediation storm
  • Wastewater Sanitation
  • Water supply/Hydraulic
  • Heat network, cold, gas
  • Civil engineering for dry networks
  • Structures, Great retaining
  • Soil consolidation


  • Feasibility study and diagnostic
  • Assistance with project management
  • Project economics
  • Technical expertise
  • Planning preoperational study
  • Project management
  • Overseeing, coordination function

Our tools


  • OFFICE: Office suite
  • AUTOCAD, Revit: Drawing and technical design
  • PROJECT: Planning
  • SKETCHUP PRO: 3D Modeling
  • PHOTOSHOP: Photo editor

THE SOFTWARE dedicated Infrastructures specialties 

  • MENSURA Earthworks Module/Sanitation /3D rendering: 3D design software, Earthworks calculation and sanitation
  • MUR: Retaining stability calculation software
  • AUTOTURN: Software simulation gyration
  • STRUCT-URB: Sizing Highways
  • MECAFLUX: Software sizing hydraulic lines
  • CEBEMAIL: Software dynamic simulation meshed and branched network
  • ODUC: Sanitation Software design (hydraulic and mechanical)
Main references

Roads and public spaces

  • Planning of the intermodal division St Jean in Bordeaux
  • Inner city of Blanquefort (33)
  • Inner citer of Arcachon


  • Hospital of Libourne (33)
  • ZAC des quais of Floirac (33)
  • Mérignac airport

Civil engineering

  • Crossing railway track (RFF) in Ambares (33)
  • Great retaining walls in Périgueux (24)
  • Dock in Bourg sur Gironde (33)
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